What is this website?

CraftServers.net is a Minecraft server list. In short, we are a directory of Minecraft servers. You can learn more about us here.

Are you affiliated with Mojang?

No, CraftServers.net is not affiliated or associated with Mojang.

Who runs this website?

CraftServers.net is owned and operated by Standing Pixel, a company focused on making gaming better, fairer and more enjoyable. Standing Pixel is based in Georgia, USA.

How can I vote for a server?

Once you visit a server's page, you can vote for that server. You will need to enter your username and complete a CAPTCHA (in order to prevent bots from mass-sending votes). You can only vote for a server once a day.

Why were my server's votes reset?

Votes are reset every month in order to give other servers a chance to compete for the top ranking. We encourage you to ask your players to vote for your server on our server list, so players are more likely to find your server!

I found an issue with a server listing. How can I report it?

It depends on the issue.

  • Incorrect information or spelling / grammar errors: We do not correct this information. Contact the server owner instead.
  • Malicious behavior or unauthorized listing: Please contact us at [email protected] and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

How often does my server status get updated?

CraftServers.net will update your server's status every five minutes.

How can I give you a suggestion for this website?

We're glad you asked! Please contact us at [email protected] with your suggestion.

I have a question about a server on this list. Can you help me?

CraftServers.net only provides a listing of servers, and we do not have any control over the servers listed on our website. Contact the server's administrators if you have a question about their server.

I didn't get a reward when I voted. Why?

It is likely that your server administrator didn't set up voting on their CraftServers.net entry. Ask your server's administrator to set it up.

If you're the server administrator, you may want to double-check your Votifier setup using our tester.

How can I add vote rewards to my server?

CraftServers.net supports the Votifier protocol to notify your server when a player has voted on the server list. You will need to install the Votifier plugin and a vote listener. We recommend using NuVotifier and SuperbVote. Afterwards, you can add your Votifier IP, port and public key to your server's page.

Why is my server showing up as offline?

If you just added your server, it might take a moment for us to contact your server. However, if your server still shows up as offline, it is possible we can not contact your Minecraft server. Please double-check your IP and port, and make sure your server is online. You can use our server checker to see if we can connect to your server.