About Empyreance

Player growth. Server development. Community building. These are the goals that we at Empyreance strive to achieve in every aspect of server life. From ensuring the highest possible quality-of-life, to being immersed with the player base in order to achieve their personalized needs, we will work tirelessly to make the server all about the most important assets - you, the player! We hold an open-door policy, with an obligation to respond to all players when they are in need of assistance.

Our server team comprises of experienced managers and administrators with previous server hosting experience. We are actively looking for Moderators and Developers to expand our team!

With the use of the Towny plugin, the server is directly influenced by the power of the players, not the staff members. Create and manage your own town and invite your friends! Your towns and plots are protected to ensure that griefers cannot perform any heinous acts.

Just like towns, the server economy is directly controlled by the players. The player market is a centre of of commerce and trade. Auction off your items globally to control your enterprise. Buy and sell items in the server market. Players can also join jobs through the Jobs plugin to earn cash for performing your favorite Minecraft duties! To add to your fun, there are Roulettes you can spin using Keys for a chance to win great rewards, including custom enchantments and elite items.

If vanilla enchantments are not enough for you, Empyreance has an enormous variety of custom enchantments for you to browse, with over 60 different ones to choose from. The well-renowned mcMMO plugin is also a major server fixture that will certainly expand the game dynamics even further for all players.

If you want to learn more about the server, or you just want to jump right in, connect now at play.empyreance.net to experience all of the above and so much more!



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