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MineWars Civilization
There comes a point in every creature’s existence where they are forced to make a life-altering decision:

To stay and fight for what’s yours,
Or to run and live another day.

Minewars Civilization is a towny based server that embodies this decision, allowing you to build cities, cultures, and nations. Yet, while it focuses on building cities and peace, like normal towny servers; it also thrives on the waging of war with others, allowing you to crush your foes and force your dominion.

Here, what you dream to create is what you may enforce, as long as you’re willing to fight and make the sacrifice for it.

Will you be one people fear, or the one people love?
Will you stand the test of time, or will you fall like sand in the hourglass?

Welcome to Minewars Civilization.

What is MineWars Civilization?
While many towny servers out there may focus on wars, we seek to create a thriving community amongst these battles, to give them a reason to exist. This server is a story to be told. Are you the hero, fighting against a tyrant? Or are you the antagonist, trying to keep others weak and keep your rule?
By implementing this, we breathe life into the server. There is no end game, there is always something to be fighting for. There is a reason to grow, to become stronger. The lonely will band, the good will be corrupted, the powerful will fall, and new powers will rise in their place.

Our rules are simple, just use common sense.

-We allow client mods such as minimap, WAILA, and Utilities, but game-breaking modifications such as X-Ray, Scenter, and hacked clients are not allowed. We want fair play, but not barren play.

-Unless you are at war with someone, don’t grief. Even then, be slightly respectful, know where to draw the line. Do not pester someone in such a way that they can’t get back on their feet. We want this server to be a story and that won’t happen if people don’t get the chance to stand up.

-Listen to the Staff. The word of Mods, Admins, and Owners are law. If they say something is against the rules, then it its.If you deem a rule to be unjust, talk with a Head Admin or use the contact form on the website. (Croft3rlp, the server owner, is an odd exception. He seeks to create laws on the server for his nation’s sake, but you don’t have to follow these unless you want to fall in line with his nation's rulings. If you’re doing something wrong in regards to the server, he will approach you about it personally.)

-Other rules will be given to you in-game, but this is the basis of which we stand. Please follow these if you seek to create a lasting relationship with this server. Also, please make sure you read the rules in game. You will be given a code in game that will allow you to spawn. This code is in the rules. You will then right click a sign with the code on it.

Ready to Join the Fray?

As long as you understand the rules, we welcome you to the world of MineWars Civilization!
Do note that this is a Vanilla Minecraft Server.
Here is the IP:

Also, we have a dynamic map of the server if you want to check it out:


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