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Hello! Thank you for checking us out. Tiny Towny-- as the name implies is a towny minecraft server. The aim of this server is to provide an outlet for creativity and a safe place where people can bond, forge healthy relationships and just chill and enjoy the classic survival feel of the server. To introduce our server, there a three core beliefs behind its inception.

Achieving something because you worked hard for it is always rewarding. That's why we chose a survival gamemode for our server. We want to give you the satisfaction to be able to stand back, admire your growing empire and say... "Wow, I really need a life outside of minecraft." All jokes aside, it's something that we truly believe is one of the core aspects of a good server.

Some people may ask, why towny? And we say, why not? Building has always been the core foundation of minecraft. We want our players to be able to preserve what they build-- not only with in-game blocks but in terms of friendships you build with the ones you play with as well.

This is the third and final founding block of this server. We want to foster an environment where players are encouraged to create in all things pertaining to the server. Create friendships, builds, memories, or if you want to blow up your own house, you're free to do that too.

Lastly, some of the plugins our server currently boasts includes: jobs, our minecraft chat linked to our very own discord server, custom enchantments, playervaults, colored tags, colored anvils, pve based skills, classes, masteries and different kinds of passive and active skills that you can cast, itemfilters for grinding, working autoranks, itemlinking, custom items and so much more to discover.



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