Cosmic Dragon

About Cosmic Dragon

We are a Medival Themed Server
We are a New Zealand server hosted in North america which explains our Ping
We are on Version 1.11.2 Spigot but it is
The Server IP is
We Welcome New Players
Our Donation Shop is
Yes We Do Have A Face Book Page which is more active then our website
We May add Magic or Quests in the futute but we dont have that yet
We Are A Premium Minecraft Server
We Offer 1-6 set homes because we know 1 isnt enough!
We Do Have A Server Economy
You Can Play Survival
We Offer Land Claims to protect your stuff from griefers
We Offer Item Protection using Lockette plugin with a sign that says [DragonSeal]
We Offer Kits To Our Donators and a /kit tools /kit Basic to our Citizens
We Don't Get Much Lagg
We also have survival kits for players too



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