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The ZyrkCraft Network

Welcome to the ZyrkCraft Network where you will have to fight against other factions, monsters and the weather to survive. Many hours of work and effort were put into this new project. The economy is player-driven which means you will have to cultivate your own food, mines your own ores, gather your own resources and become wealthy by trading and selling those items back to players with own unique shop system! You will be able to build a market at your place with special chests that will handle sales for you!

We work really hard to keep the server up for as long as possible for you to be able to play as much as you want - whenever you want.

Anti-Griefing & Raiding

Griefing other people's land/home/builds is not allowed in any way while playing on own servers. Though you will have to take good care of your land in the server by claiming land. Chests, furnaces, dispensers and anything that can store items are be protected from outsiders to protect your loot. Farming is also protected. Outsiders will not be able to kill your animals or farming. We've taken strong measurements to ensure you will be able to build beautiful places without having to worry about getting griefed by another player.

Mature Staff

Our staff is carefully chosen with great responsibility to ensure that they will take good care of the server and represent it while we're gone. Staff decision is final and must be respected by all means.
If you want to apply for a staff position you must apply via email only and have atleast 2-3 weeks of playtime.

Custom content & plugins

Our team consist of creative players that love Minecraft. That's why we look for better ways to play Minecraft and improvements that will make your experience even better. Occasionally we will hire developers to make custom plugins for us. We plan on adding more servers and gamemodes to our network pretty soon. Obviously, this depends a lot on the amount of donations we receive.



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