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About Take Me To Minecraft

The Take Me To Minecraft (TmTmc) Server offers multiplayer and multiple world access from one address. We are a teaching server and education is our goal. While we do have areas for PvP, most of our users enjoy being creative and building than killing or destroying. We do NOT allow any form of griefing - ever. Players found to be griefing another player can and will be banned from all servers.

Access to our servers is restricted and requires additional details to be sent to us to register your PC Minecraft name. This detail can be submitted through our website at https://www.TakeMeTo-Minecraft.com.

We have servers for all ages and security and privacy is taken very seriously. Our current line up includes "Skyblock", "Survival", "Survival plus a Private World", "Vanilla MC", "Pokecube Revival" and "Space Expedition EPIC 204".



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