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Server Language: English

This is a survival/rpg server with three different races, quests, towns and no world borders.
There will be certain events such as allying against armies of mobs, defending certain cities and much more.
Help us to have a great gameplay.

"At a time, when the first men came into this lands, at a time, when no lords and no ladies ruled it, there still was life. Animals lived in their forests, the birds roamed their skies and the dragons slept in their caves. Wolves lived aside with skin-walkers - half their kind and half man. All animals lived in peace with one and another.

One day, men travelled through the far plains and forests. They found the place very friendly and built their first settlement. From that moment on, the place wouldn't ever be the same again.

With men the diseases spread. Dissatisfaction led to battles. Wars evolved from those battles. Settlements fell apart and men died. The blood-red lands attracted new creatures. Creatures, that feed from the dead and later also from men alive. The bloody disease spread and zombies and walking skeletons roamed the night and dark places. They were led by cold creatures that would burn in sunlight: Vampires.

Now, after many, many years, vampires, human and werewolves get along better. They still occasionally fight but in general they get along with each other."



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