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Synity Network
Hi! We are a small server looking to get a small community. We currently have a Minecraft server but we may open servers for other games as well!

Why Synity?
If you like the old classic style survival, Synity is perfect for you. Griefing is not allowed on the server so your builds are safe, for extra protection, an admin will claim land for you with WoaldGuard! We also have custom plugins are are currently writing more. This allows for a unique experience on our server.

What's in it for me?
Well, we are a small server. This means that we are constantly building, so we are on the lookout for staff, builders and developers. We also want your help and opinions on how to build the server, so you are really apart of the community.

We are still in beta, so some plugins or features may not work when you join. The server is fully functional and you are able to play and build, but some plugins are not configured.
A backup is made locally most days - so all your stuff is safe.

We hope to see you on Synity Network!




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