About SkyCade

Welcome to Skycade!


Unlike most servers these days we like to strive for a non-pay2win experience. None of our gamemodes have any purchasable ranks and all you have to do is log in to immediatly gain access to fancy perms like /echest, /f fly and 4 /sethomes!

We currently have 3 different gamemodes on the network:
- Factions - Create a Faction with your friends then raid, pvp and build your way to the top! An arena within in spawn creates a super active PVP environment and every player has the ability to fly in their own claimed land, making base building a breeze! Regular resets and huge end of map events will make sure to keep you busy!
- Skyblock - Originally on a different server EvoPVP, Skyblock is a fun way to show off your building talents! Cool plugins like elevators, and word scramblers ensure you will never get bored!
- KitPVP - This gamemode is a completley custom plugin, existing only on the Skycade network! Unlock ranks with unique abilities and fight your way to the top of our leaderboards!

Skycade is owned by handsome youtuber JackSucksAtLife who is always actively recording Hacker Trolling, Raiding and more!

We use high end dedicated hosting to ensure no lag and minimal downtime.

We are one of the few servers out there who currently run on 1.11, giving you access to a load of new blocks, AND PET LLAMAS!!

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