About AeternusCraft

Hello, I'd like to invite you to our overextended server where you'll find Survival, Creative and SkyBlock! You'll find a lot of fun right on lobby! You can set different heads, particles, suits that have "super ability", you can have your own pet, you can change to a mob. Things are divided into four parts according to their rarity! And as follows: Common: Players, Rare: VIP, Epic: VIP +, and Legendary - buy these for MysteryDusty. There are different ways to get these MysteryDusty. Either buy them for Tokens, or change them in ServerMenu for items you can open from chests. We also have 4 different chests to open! Keys get from the daily rewards. Chests are: Player, Voting, VIP and VIP +. Every chest earns another prize. I think that was everything about Lobby.

On Survival you can open chests too, you can break spawners with SilkTouch and more!

SkyBlock have things like Survival. In SkyBlock you can found unique CobblestoneGenerator, that generate ores!

For the future, we plan more servers and fun for you, players!

So what are you waiting for? Come and join! Start playing and wait for the best news! We are waiting for you with super AdminTeam, which is very helpful and we will help you anytime with anything!



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