About BanterUHC

BanterUHC is a Speed UHC server designed around 1.8 PVP. You can join with 1.8+ clients and PVP is all 1.8 based.

We Feature:
- Traditional Speed UHC starting with a 20 minute mining phase and ending with a border shrinking death match. Available in Solo, Teams of 2, and Teams of 4.

- Flower Power UHC where you skip the mining and just break flowers that drop random gear, weapons, armor, enchanted books, and more to fight with and win in Death Match!

- Psycho Mode or sometimes known as Banter Mode was created after the Owner and a YouTuber fought with very over powered gear at the end of a Speed UHC. Psycho Mode has ores spawning from y1 to y128 from coal to diamonds, and obsidian. Everything you need to become as over powered as possible. With Pigmen and Ghasts spawning in the over world and dropping golden apples, food and leather this game mode is something youve never seen before. Available in Solo and Teams of 2.

- Cut Clean is the original Speed UHC without the need to create furnaces and smelt your ore or cook your food this 1 hour game mode is sure to bring back some nostalgia for veteran UHC players. Available in Solo, Teams of 2 and Teams of 4.

With our friendly server staff team you are sure to have a delightful time on the server.



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