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Let's take a trip through nostalgia and time... Shall we?


Howdy! Fairy Tail Evolution is returning under the name Dissidia! Old players welcome, new players welcome!

-general ѕerver ιnғorмaтιon-

This will be an MMORPG/PVP server featuring Fairy Tail crap all around! BETA TESTERS GET FREE PERKS!

-cнaracтer ιnғorмaтιon-

We have rankings to organize each character, per usual. If you meet said rank, you can apply for one of the canon characters. (Zeref is taken by the way, sorry!) Otherwise, feel free to get that rank, OR apply for an OC of your choosing! (Keep in mind OCs only really get nicks, if you want custom weapons or spells/skills with it, you'll need to donate. Also, for the spells, it'll take a while to make without any real coders, so be prepared to wait months if necessary.) On that note I advise against donating until server beta.

That's all I have to say, you're welcome.



Current Staff:

Owner) Infinite [IGN: Raindear]
Co-Owner) Zeref [IGN: Weirdmageddon]
Mod) DragneelZeref
Lore Manager) OhGodItsLucy
Network Admin) Black Hat [IGN: Villainous_]

In any case look around, grab a cup of cocoa, and enjoy our work in progress! Our server will be open the entire time we're working on it, JUST DON'T DISTRACT US! ^-^

-Deus Ex Machina

-Bill Cipher

-Black Hat



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