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What is Ambercraft?

Ambercraft is a custom towny-economy minecraft server.
We have a one of a kind economy, with no infliation and money is never "created",
a fixed amount of money 1Billion is on the server and will stay on the server.
The creator of the server, Articdive, is a plugin developer and has custom coded this server, to the most extend.
We currently do not have a professional website, which is why our domain ( sends to our donation store on Buycraft.
We plan on using Enjin in the future.

Why choose Ambercraft?

Well on Ambercraft we use Faithful, one of the best texturepacks out there by default.
Our Server is completely custom.
We have a good staff team.
We frequently have sales at least twice a month.
We plan on working on the server for another 2-3 years.

How do I join?

The ip to join ambercraft is:
our website is



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