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The Elite Covert Operations Official Minecraft Server -=ECO=-Craft Play to Win Not Pay to Win Factions PvP Server. We aim to provide our community and its friends with a fun fair server. Everythings in the works here, we have factions , mcmmo , Essentials , idisguise and much more . This is just a basic factions server. Remembers Joining those factions servers were they have expensive ranks to get the best stuff? this is similar, without the expensive ranks ... we have powerful kits and a vast economy that produces many ways to make in game funds. To boot you don't have to donate an arm and a leg to get any of it. Donations are welcome. However, They will not make you or your friends extremely overpowered. Everyone Has a fighting chance. Everyone has an Opportunity to acquire to best kits items etc..

Play2Win Not Pay2Win: This mean you and your friends Will have access to all the good stuff by simply playing on the server. Once again Donations are Welcome. However, we want you to donate because you like our server and want to play here.

Please Stop in www.ecoclan.net Register Your Minecraft Character with our website and become an -=ECO=-Craft member.

Elite Covert Operations Fair Gaming Community (A.K.A.) †ECO†»Clan« Since 2001
We are a Multi-National, Multi-Platform, Multi-Game Community All are Welcome !

Thank You ~†ECO†»RANGER«



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