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About The Void Network

Welcome To The Void Network!
VoidMinerMC, is a network, based with many different type of gamemodes, which are quite addicting, and fun to play!

We also have: SkyBlock, OP Factions, SMP, KitPvP, And Mini-Games.

The Mini-Games we have to offer at this stage, are:

SkyWars, One In The Chamber, Sumo, Team DeathMatch, PvP, TNTRun, And so much more in the near future!

Game modes / Mini-Games we may currently have in the future, are:

BedWars, Capture The Flag, Spleef, 1vs1 + Queues, OP SkyBlock, Factions (Normal), OP KitPvP, Towny, Prison, OP Prison, OP Towny, and so much more! Our network is filled with many features, in which you can do.

We do however, have a BuyCraft store. You can buy features, perks, and ranks at our store here:

Why should we donate?:
You should donate, because with donating, you can gain many perks, features, and so much more! Here are our main features you can get just by donating:

Join even when the server's full
Join full Games, so you do not have to wait for a game to be open. (Most games, which you'll be able to join when it is full.)
Gain many PlayerVaults, minimum 2, max 20.
Gain many donor kits, just by doing: /kit <donor kit name>. You can also check out a list of kits you can get by using /kit.
And many more minor features, but useful.

With voting, you can gain so much perks, little, but good and better. When you vote, you can gain the following:

$30,000 Money In game per vote.
Get 1 player vault.
Get kit voter.
Get a nice voter prefix.
Different color on the tablist.

Top voter of the month:
When you're the top voter of the month, you can recieve: $100,000 Money in game, a rank, and some awesome commands, such as: /fly, /nick, and /repair.

Enjoy your stay! Any questions? Please let us know.



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