About Arkadia

Arkadia is a Apocalyptic server overrun by the Undead. You must band together, and create faction, build bases and fight threw the hoards of the Undead. Some Undead can have custom ability's and drop custom items. The server has custom Armour and weapons such as Emerald Armour set and emerald tools, we have chests with great rewards, that u can access threw keys dropped by mobs and by vetoing. The server has a auction house and shop, several safe zones and constant updates.
The server now contains guns and constantly updating and adding events, new armors, new areas and new ability's such use /cure= heals you instantly 2 hearts. We are always open to taking on new staff members as long as they can pass our application process.
The Server has both Discord and Skype and also a website to show players the recipes to create new armors and weapons.



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