Kingdom of Time
  • Minecraft 1.12.2

About Kingdom of Time

Welcome to Kingdom of Time

A friendly SMP (Survival Multi-player) server complete with Minigames, PVP arena and coming soon Quests

Additional features include

Custom Events - We run events with prizes each month and additional events over key holidays such as Easter and Christmas
Mcmmo - Gain levels in various skills such as mining, swords and alchemy
Jobs - Take a job and start earning money
multiple homes for all players - Starting with 2 homes gain more by ranking up.
Ranks obtainable in game - Will you become an Immortal (no donations needed)
Vote Keys - Get 1 key per vote for additional rewards
Player Shops - Set up your own shop in game
Free commands for all players including /back, /echest and egg catching Chickens

With an active staff team and an already friendly community why not join us today for a relaxed minecraft experience

Website -
Discord -



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