About PixelArdent

PixelArdent it is a primarily a Survival based server with elements of adventure written into the world, the owner (Pein) and the staff team are working hard to build an adventure map but this is a planned feature and will take some time as it is being hand crafted by them.

Why PixelArdent?
PixelArdent is a true survival server using vanilla minecrafts core survival elements giving players something to focus on while they are training up to become the strongest trainer within the server (Which you get a shiny rank named "Champion" for!!!!) there are ranks for players all over the server and the community will know of this players advancements within the server due to these!

What ranks does PixelArdent have for players?
*Champion - Defeat all players in the first Tournament or defeat the current holder of the champion rank
*Collector - Complete the PokeDex and capture all Pokemon
*Gym Leader (This will have the TYPE for example [Water] in the color BLUE) - Become an in-game Gym Leader.
*Advanced Trainer - Have an extensive knowledge of Pokemon and have over 400 hours on the server.
*Trainer - The default rank for players.

Discord or Teamspeak?
We use Discord due to the functionality in being able to support our community with bugs, server-info and we like to use the IRC.

What are the plans for PixelArdent?
We plan to have Tournaments, Drop Parties and Lore events! YES WE PLAN ON HAVING A LORE WITH OUR ADVENTURE MAP!!!!

What plugins does this server use?
The plugins that we use are lightweight but as an owner I prefer not to name all of our plugins for obvious reasons.

Is this server pay-to-win?
The server strictly gives ALL players a fair-chance, our donation ranks will give a TIME advantage to players but non-donating players can earn the same rewards with RNG and by putting in the time.

Our Server Information:
IP: Play.McArdent.com
Discord: https://discord.gg/uW5cGvD

All are welcome!



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