Survival of The Unfittest

About Survival of The Unfittest

Why not come and join one of the fastest growing communities in Minecraft with over 50 people in the Discord group.
This MC server brings you into the land of Survival and Creative with experience staff and a professional website.

This server has a large community due to the majority of players being from the TruckersMP community which is a mod for Euro Truck Simulator 2 with over 1 million users. Due to this, the server has had a boost in player base with a thriving community already.

The forums are a great place to go to share screenshots and information. The discord group is a brilliant place for those who love to communicate with dedicated voice channels and text channels available. The rules of the server make it very simple to understand and family friendly for all.

The staff team have dedicated roles for many different things such as Support who are there to help with your issues, to the in game administrators who make sure that everyone is following your rules. In addition to this, the combination of forums and in game commands makes it easy to make support tickets or contact staff.

I hope to see many of you on this server!


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