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About AuriousMC Factions

Hey, welcome to a new AuriousMC Server, based on many features & ideas we have for you.
We used to be a MCPE Community, but we moved to Minecraft: Java edition. We hope you all enjoy our new, exclusive features we have for you.
Here are our great, and awesome features we have for you:

- MoneyPouches
- Vote for amazing and awesome perks + awesome features.
- Crates! - We currently have Vote crate, but we plan on adding more crates soon!
- Sell heads - When you kill a player, you have a chance of gaining his/her's head, and selling it using /sh for the half of the money they had.
- Mob Grinders
- Little prison features such as:
(!) PvP Mine
- We have custom bosses! Use /warp bosses to teleport to the bosses! - We plan on adding more features like this soon.
- This server is compatible with Minecraft 1.8 - 1.12.
- You have a 5% chance of getting double the amount you would originally vote for!
- A nice looking shop! (/shop)
- Nice builds
- We are based on: Factions, SMP = Survival, and little parts of Prison. (Feature wise).
- Nice Player vaults, just like cosmic! :D
- Nice staff
- A nice looking anti-cheat! Not all those boring ones which never work!
- Nice looking tab-list!
- And so much more!
You can join us on our adventure today!



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