Just Add Bacon

About Just Add Bacon

Currently looking for additions to our Build Team!

Just Add Bacon is about adding bacon to everything...and having fun on Minecraft 1.9-1.12! Just Add Bacon Network currently has:

Creative - 48x48 AND 128x128 plots. WorldEdit & VoxelSniper available!

Skyblock with Nether Islands

Survival - SlimeFun, Voter Crates, and Hotels

KitPVP - Over 30 Kits, Killstreaks, Ranks, Custom Enchants, 1.8 combat mechanics!

SF Survival accepts 1.12 ONLY. Creative accepts 1.11.2 clients. Skyblock and KitPVP accept 1.9 - 1.11/2 clients! :)

We are also adding more servers as we grow.

Just Add Bacon (or JAB as we refer to it), is a fun, friendly environment for players of all ages. We have a dedicated staff team, but are always looking for people who would like to help, be it moderating chat or making YouTube videos of your adventures or builds on the network. We also offer rewards for voting, ranging from ingame money, items, and monthly ranks for top voters!

JAB was originally created by CDSquirrel on May 6, 2014 as a single Creative server with a small amount of players, mostly friends and family. Just Add Bacon has evolved into a multi-server network with thousands of unique players and 30+ players at any given time, spanning every time zone. We strive to make JAB into a place that is as fun as possible, allowing YOU to relax without fear of harassment from players or staff.


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