About CurseHQ

Welcome aboard to the adventurous world of CurseHQ. In this huge realm, you are presented with two gamemodes, Factions and Skyblock. As a mighty player, you can dominate either the wild lands (Faction) or the mysterious skies (Skyblock) of CurseHQ. Build your empire ground or sky, rule it your way. Defeat your competitors and reach the top. The bravest and strongest of all shall be rewarded with $1000.

In both Factions and Skyblock, the top player/team will be awarded with $500. A single season lasts 6 months, and the rewards for each server are the following:

[b]Skyblock Top Rewards:[/b]
» 1st Place | $500 Buycraft or $200 PayPal
» 2nd Place | $300 Buycraft
» 3rd Place | $200 Buycraft

[b]Factions Top Reward:[/b]
» 1st Place | $500 Buycraft or $200 PayPal
» 2nd Place | $300 Buycraft
» 3rd Place | $200 Buycraft

In order to make your gameplay experience unique and unforgettable, the CurseHQ team has challenged themselves to make Factions and Skyblock more enhanced. Here are some notable features :

1) Minions are enabled in both gamemodes to help you do your tasks more easily.
2) 75% of the settings of the servers are GUI based, so it’s just a few clicks and you are done!
3) Unique tags.
4) Amazing donator ranks with custom-made perks.
5) An AI powered bot which can also entertain and help you in many ways.

CurseHQ is also running on the latest high-end hardware and software to ensure you have no lag at all. Lastly, our staff members are extremely well picked and talented individuals who are all capable of helping you at all times.

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