ClashCraft 1.8 - 1.12
  • Minecraft 1.7.10

About ClashCraft 1.8 - 1.12

ClashCraft is a multi lineup of fun content, seeking for a thriving community, join us today to build, develop and be a part of the community.
ClashCraft consists of;
Survival: Go in and claim your starter kit to soon be above all the others, hoard loot and become powerful to take over and grow a big town or community, or play with friends and max out your level, grow a farm to make money or exp or play casually alone! the choice is yours with many custom events, bosses and mobs, along side aswell with custom slimefun content and pina colada's!
SkyBlock: Start a small island and develop and grow it, using various tactics and strategies
from cactus farms to grinding mob farms! make money and become a floating island millionaire! or play with friends and grow a small community and reach the top of the island level to earn a reward at the end of each month! (each top island member receives it)
KitPvP: Don't favor other games? Do you like to go straight into battle ready and steady?
play our KitPvP gamemode with unqiue kit gear and awesome abilities! from boming your enemies to using lighting to smite your oponents! uncover the power of the KitPvP kits!
(More content for kitpvp coming soon!)
Minigames(Not yet but soon to be implemented): Maybe you like to play with strangers or with friends and like a casual but competitive enviroment! play minigames all day and unlock different chapters of each one, from kits in SkyWars, to pets and cosmetics in the lobby!

Join our discord to be a bigger part of the the community and to know any updates, changes or additions to ClashCraft!:

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