About SunnyShadowz

SunnyShadowz has a lot to offer that differentiates itself from your typical survival server. For starters, you can purchase and sell almost every item/block in the game in our in-game shops for virtual currency. These shops are located in our spawn town which has been built from the bottom up to mimic a real town and all its components, and is continually expanding. Bread can be bought at the bakery while stone can be bought at the mine, two entirely different locations in the town. There is a lot to explore and find for the adventurous player!

Once you have grasped the size of the town, or if you want to save surprises for later, there is a sign in front of you when you log in for the first time that will take you directly to The Wilderness, the survival world. The only limitations here are that TNT and creepers do not damage blocks. It is running on normal difficulty.

You can also:
• Buy, rent and sell protected properties (apartments, plots of land, shop booths, chest storage rooms) to avoid being raided
• Explore our spawn village to find secret rooms and puzzles and earn rewards
• Attempt parkour challenges to win in-game $$$
• Fight players in our official PVP Arena in spawn
• Make your own sign shops
• Set your home (teleport location)
• Teleport to your friends
...and more!

To learn more and to read our rules please visit our website!



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