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Kantan Craft
Ip: kantan.gamename.net

Welcome adventurer to the land of Kantan! A place plagued by monsters and people that need you. Dungeons are scattered throughout the land with glorious loot for you to have.

Kantan Craft is a unique rpg to what you’ve seen. It has custom hand made loot for dungeons, many monsters to fight, boss battles, varying gameplay, and many places to explore. We are going to be constantly adding new areas, weapons, dungeons, bosses, and monsters to the world and we absolutely love player feedback and ideas as we take them to heart and most of what are server is right now is the result of feedback.

The world also is based heavily on exploration. You can find secrets all across the world.

We also have a discord and a website and both allow players to communicate with each other, discus the server, and most importantly give their ideas and opinions to me, the owner.
You can find both of which on the server.

I really hope to see you on my server as I’ve spent a lot of time making it.



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